Sushi Holbox Santa Catalina

I’m Oscar Molino, and I started 7 years ago in Món de Sushi, with Enrique Vazquez.

Then I went to Sushi Spot and Tatami, which have allowed me to develop and learn different techniques, and in 2017, I returned to my origins, returning to feel and enjoy working in the Mercat de Santa Catalina, initially with Es Racó d’es Sushi.

Since October 2020, we have decided to expand our facilities and become Holbox Santa Catalina. An authentic and cosy place with a show cooking kitchen.

We work with high quality fresh products and we love to play with different flavours and textures. We highlight the mango, curry and tomato nihons with mustard, the gunkans, geishas and foie rolls.

We have also added oysters and a large selection of irresistible ceviches to our menu.

Holbox is a fishing island in Mexico, a place that has marked me.

The island’s relationship with the sea, fishing and top quality natural products is what I try to bring to my shop in the Mercat de Santa Catalina.

Holbox Santa Catalina was created with the aim of satisfying and serving the best sushi, ceviche and the best oysters in the Santa Catalina market as well as in all the homes of our city: it is the Japanese gastronomic paradise in Palma, the aim is to highlight in the best possible way the freshness of the raw material, the perfect point of the shari (rice) and the aesthetic rigour of the pieces through a presentation that seems simple but that in reality is a synthesis of great skill and sensitivity.

We like to respect each and every one of the processes and traditional rituals in the preparation of our pieces, whether it be tuna maki, salmon nigiri or prawn rolls, or in the preparation of ceviches, so that you enjoy every bite, without forgetting the careful and attractive presentation.

Today I offer inspirations of the author’s day (the omakase) in which different styles are intermingled without losing the focus of elegance and rigour.

Holbox Santa Catalina we are inside the Santa Catalina municipal market, which is located in the Palma neighbourhood of the same name, traditionally a fishermen’s area as it is very close to the sea, next to the city’s port and the Paseo Marítimo.